The Dream Team

The Founders

25 years as a senior executive with AVEDA and Estee’ Lauder and a passion for the emerging high end men’s grooming business, led this former AVEDA executive to create a brick and mortar model of career long best practices.  Combining the honored traditions of barbering with luxury of the premier salon and spa experiences of today.  With a “details matter” approach from the build out and all that their guests touch to the client experience, Steele Barber is committed to creating simply the best luxury men’s grooming experience consistently with every service.


As the first Grooming Collective Certified Barbershop on the West Coast north of L.A., Steele Barber leads the industry with advanced training and apprenticeship to create sustainable career paths in modern men’s grooming.  What LEED Certified is to architecture, The Grooming Collective is to the barber shop. See thegroomingcollective.com


Victoria And Matt Humphrey


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